ν http://www.lib.pku.edu.cn/
Ϲ ߱÷ http://hcl.harvard.edu/research/guides/chinese/index.html
ȫ http://www.lib.cuhk.edu.hk/Common/Reader/Version/Show.jsp?Pid=1&Version=0&Charset=iso-8859-1
ûȭ http://www.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/english/
ܴ http://www.fudan.edu.cn/
굿 http://www.sdu.edu.cn/







ؽ ϼ(Academia Sinica) http://www.sinica.edu.tw
Ρ http://www.cass.net.cn/




European Association of Sinological Librarians  http://www.easl.org/index.html




 ڪν http://www.confucius-museum.com.cn/
 ʫν http://www.nlc.gov.cn/
λ翬 http://lib.ihp.sinica.edu.tw/c/
ص http://www.library.sh.cn/
??? http://res3.nlc.gov.cn/jdwx/
빮л http://lit.ncl.edu.tw/hypage.cgi?HYPAGE=home/index.htm
߱ ڷ http://mysite.verizon.net/cathyli/id2.html
? ϼ  http://www.sinica.edu.tw/ftms-bin/ftmsw3
Hong Kong Academic Library Link http://hkall.hku.hk/
Socolar Open Access ڷƮ http://www.socolar.com/
Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services(http://www.airiti.com/teps/ec_en/default.aspx)




߾ν - ʫͷ http://search.library.sh.cn/jiapu/

ؽϡʫ֤ͷ http://rarebook.ncl.edu.tw/rbook.cgi/frameset5.htm

ߣνʫ֤ͷ http://www.sdlib.cn/library/Ped

ν http://www.ahlib.com/ah/gjb/gcjp-index.htm

˰ν ˰ʫ ͷ http://diglweb.zjlib.cn:8081/zjtsg/jiapu/zt_jp_out.jsp?channelid=91367

ν ֤ʫ

ϡʫ֤ http://www.jyt.net.cn/jiapu/jhffasdl.htm

ν νʫͷ http://www.qzlib.com.cn/gcpd.asp

ߣʫ ͷ http://lib.sx.cn/secdir/zjsx/jpsjk/index-jp.htm

߾ν ߾ʫ http://www.sylib.com/html/syjb/syjb.htm

 ʫۡ http://www.wdjj.cn/info/info_156.html





China Research Papers Online (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) ??ϼ??
China Vitae ?٣? 

Gateway Service Center of Chinese Academic Journal Publications at University of Pittsburgh 
Internat Guide for Chinese Studies 
National Library of China ??ʫ??? 
National Digital Archives Program, Taiwan ??ʫΡ?? 
National Central Library (Taiwan) ??ʫ???Ϲ??? 
State Archives Administration (PRC)

Business and econimics

Chinese Economic Information Network ???? 
China Macroeconomic Information Network ????? 

Environmental studies

?˰??? ?????

Government and politics

China Education and Research Network ??Ρ?? 
PRC Government Homepage ?ݤ??? 
State Intellectual Property Office ?ʫ??? 
Public Opinion Surveys on Cross Strait Relations (1999-2005) (Taiwan)


China Historical Geographic Information System ??ͧ? ?ө? 
China Historical GIS
Chinese Stone Rubbings Collection 
Mao Tse-tung (Zedong) Internet Library 
Stefan Landsbergers Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages 
Portraits of Chinese Emperors ?? 
Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution ԡڪ? 

Literature and culture

Guo Xue ???? 
International Dunhuang Project 
Silk Road Narratives 
Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library

Laws and regulations

??ͧ? (National Peoples Congress of China) 
China Court ?? 
China Legislative Information Network System (State Council of China) ?ݤ? 
Hong Kong Department of Justice  
????Ϣ? ? 
Internet Chinese Legal Research Center

Newspapers and magazines 

P.R. China

Beijing Review? 
China Daily?? 
Peoples Daily ? 
Peoples Liberation Army Daily ۯ?? 
Xinhua News ?? 

Hong Kong

Da Gong Bao ? 
Ming Bao Daily News ٥? 
South China Morning Post ?? 
World Daily Web ͣ? 



Religion and philosophy

Buddhist Digital Library & Museum ??????ڪ? 
Dictionary of Buddhism ??? 
International Confucian Association ?????


??? ??Ρ??? 


China Population Information System ?Ϣ? 
National Bureau of Statistics of China ?ʫ?? 
Hong Kong Statistics ???